Shanghai Disney Resort Celebrates the One-Year Anniversary of the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Mandarin Production
June 06,2019

Shanghai, June 6, 2019 — Shanghai Disney Resort celebrates one year of bringing fairytale magic to the China stage as the Mandarin production of Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST musical reaches its one-year milestone on June 14, 2019. The Mandarin production of one of the longest-running musicals in Broadway history premiered at the Walt Disney Grand Theatre in 2018 and has been drawing in audiences to witness the beloved romantic tale that has been enjoyed by tens of millions of people globally.
The first anniversary of the Mandarin production represents a significant new chapter for the ‘tale as old as time’ and will be celebrated with a magical evening event on June 14, 2019 at the Walt Disney Grand Theatre in Disneytown. As part of the exciting activities planned that evening, each guest will receive a commemorative photo and will have the chance to win an exclusive one-on-one photo opportunity with one of the performers after the show. At the end of the performance that evening, the audience will be treated to a special opportunity, making the night of world-class entertainment even more memorable. During a special curtain call, the cast will take a group photo with the audience, capturing this special moment in history for the world-renowned musical.
The BEAUTY AND THE BEAST musical has captured the hearts and imaginations of audiences around the globe, and the Mandarin production at Shanghai Disney Resort offers a new Broadway-caliber entertainment experience for guests of all ages to enjoy. The show at Shanghai Disney Resort features an exceptional cast, exquisite costumes, captivating stage designs and enchanting music. In addition, localized features that reflect authentic Chinese culture resonate deeply with local audiences. The incredible cast is comprised of world-class actors, dancers, vocalists, musicians and performers, including a number of gifted Chinese cast members who present a truly one-of-a-kind performance in Shanghai.
The show marks the second collaboration between Shanghai Disney Resort and Disney Theatrical Productions. It reflects Shanghai Disney Resort’s commitment and leadership in the musical industry in China. Throughout its first year on the stage, the musical has garnered a wealth of praise and recognition from peers, musical professionals, media and audiences, becoming a must-see live performance in China. The show also serves as one of many ways that Shanghai Disney Resort supports local talent across diverse disciplines, providing a platform for them to practice their craft. The one-year anniversary celebration will honor the past year of success for the new Mandarin production, and usher in a fresh season of performances for the hit musical.
Tickets for the landmark one-year anniversary performance are on sale now, but hurry as there are limited seats available. Guests who are interested in purchasing a ticket for this special show can do so on the Shanghai Disney Resort official website (,, and through other official resort travel trade providers. Interested guests are encouraged to complete their purchase early to guarantee a seat to the special anniversary performance.

The Mandarin production of the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST musical has gathered together a host of incredible performers from across China.

Cast Profile
Guo, Yao-Rong
Role: Belle
Yao-Rong has extensive experience performing at Shanghai Disney Resort and was a key
part of the ensemble for the Mandarin production of THE LION KING. Rong h
Sun, Dou-Er
Role: Beast
Dou-Er has performed in a number of musicals and televised singing competitions and has
published a selection of songs as both a solo artist and in collaboration with other musicians.
Liu, Yang
Role: Gaston
Yang has held the role of director, music director, vocal coach and associate producer for
numerous plays and concerts. His performance as Gaston has been well-received by
audiences in Shanghai.
Xu, Meng
Role: Mrs. Potts
Meng has garnered many singing awards and accolades throughout her career. As Mrs.
Potts, Meng is responsible for bringing the musical’s titular song to life for guests.
Mao, Hai-Fei
Role: Lumiere
Hai-Fei’s impressive stage presence is bolstered by his exceptional talents as a singer,
actor and dancer. Beyond the stage, his experience also includes work as an assistant
director and other production positions for a number of television shows.
Peng, Pai
Role: Cogsworth
Pai, who skillfully portrayed the lively character Pumba in the Mandarin production of THE
LION KING, has already demonstrated his talent on the Shanghai Disney Resort stage,
and has garnered a growing fan base in his role as Cogsworth. 
Zhang, Bo-Jun
Role: Lefou
Bo-Jun convincingly played the wise-cracking meerkat, Timon, in the Mandarin production
of THE LION KING. He is a gifted performer who is adaptable on stage and can bring to life
a variety of characters in distinct ways, as he does with Lefou.
 Ma, Xue-Liang
 Role: Maurice
 Xue-Liang formerly entertained guests as a performer in Treasure Cove at Shanghai
 Disneyland. His rich entertainment experience includes on-stage performances and key
 backstage support. 
Li, Shao-Yu
Role: Madame de la Grande Bouche (Mrs. Wardrobe)
Shao-Yu was a member of the entertainment team that captivated audiences during
Shanghai Disney Resort’s Grand Opening performance and has vast on-stage experience
in a variety of roles.
Li, Tian-Yi
Role: Babette
Tian-Yi has a bachelor’s degree in musicals, and has extensive experience in musicals and
other types of powerful performances, such as concerts and immersive dramas.

Male Ensemble:
Cui, Jian; Duan, Ji-Luo; Guo, Jun-Yu; Huang, Fa-Qiang; Joel Angeles; Li, Lei; Xue, Qin-Wen; Xue, Sai; Yin, Chang-Jiang; Zhou, Shi-Qi
Female Ensemble:
Chen, Xiang-Wen; Huang, Yun-Ning; Leung, Naomi; Li, Chen-Xue; Liu, Ye; Miao, Si-Jia; Wang, Qiong; Xie, Xin-Yi; Yu, Si-ran; Yim, Maria
Lin, Ryan; Xu, Shawn; Cheng, William; Yang, Justin

The production team for the Mandarin version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST consists of more than 50 crew, including costuming, hair and makeup, and the technical department. Among them are Hu, Xiao-Qing, resident director; Sun, Yu-Zhuo, conductor/musical director; and Elisa Montalvo, resident dance supervisor.

Hu, Xiao-Qing
Resident Director

Hu, Xiao-Qing graduated from the Central Academy of Drama where she majored in dir-
She is a long-serving director in China and has directed several preeminent musi-
cals that were highly regarded by industry peers.

Sun, Yu-Zhuo
Conductor/Music Director
Yu-Zhou graduated from the China Conservatory of Music with a major in composition.Yu-
Zhuo is adept at telling stories and eliciting emotions through music. He formerly
served as
the music director for the Mandarin production of THE LION KING.
Elisa Montalvo
Dance Supervisor
Elisa is Shanghai Disney Resort’s resident choreographer and was involved in several key
programs run by the resort’s entertainment team.